GRAND ARTISTRY PRODUCTIONS  is a theatrical entertainment company specializing in immersive entertainment programming that transport guests to magical worlds. From artists, bespoke costumes, choreography, music production to scenery and props, we design entertainment experiences that engage and captivate audiences while bringing the client's brand and vision to life.  

Grand Artistry Productions works closely with clients and organizations to enhance the successful attainment of desired goals and outcomes. We curate an event experience that integrates seamlessly into the core programming while contributing a prime aesthetic value that reflects the culture, heritage, interests and/or personality of the client. Our services result in the following key deliverables: heightened guest interaction and engagement, elevated ambiance through space-transforming artistry, and realized climactic moments through appropriate stimulating presentations that create peak event highlights. 

We work with a highly experienced multi-cultural team of artists, choreographers, backstage team and costume designers, who have international experience working alongside celebrities, were casted in TV shows and movies, and performed at major theaters. Our Breathtaking productions masterfully employ artists, grand costuming and specialized stagecraft to enrapture event guests with spectacular artistry. Our passion for entertainment is fueled by delivering "wow" moments that fascinate audiences.