Esira Castillo

Founder & Director

"I wake up at 4am and by 10am I'm ready for the next day."

Juvenia Silvestre

Hair and Makeup Assistant

"My life isn't perfect but my lashes are."

Jonathan Cutler

Video Specialist

" Behind the camera lens, my resting coffee face."

Efe Villalona

Costume Stylist

"Let's talk color contrast against scenery and lighting."

Jonathan Handel

Scenic Design and Fabrication Specialist

"Vertical angles are congruent. I never forgot that."

Clara Luz


"Stitching and stoning is my form of meditation.'

Keiiji Villalona

Music Production Assistant

"I know its ready when it makes me dance."

Brett Williams

Communications, Associate

"Yes, I smile at least this big everyday."

Sandra Silva

Digital Design Assistant

" AKA Space Guru"

Melissa Hawk

Marketing Intern