Thank you for considering Grand Artistry Productions for your live entertainment needs. For the safety of artists, staff and event guests, we have implemented the following policies to honor social distancing and government recommendations that reduce the spread of viruses. Grand Artistry Productions will participate in event gatherings that comply with the  limits and safety recommendations set by the local jurisdiction. 


We engage in indoor gatherings that comply with the latest safety guidelines of the state the event is set to take place.  

For indoor events, all Grand Artistry Productions entertainers and staff will wear a face mask and maintain 6-ft distance from event guests at all times . 

We are currently pausing singing performances, photo booth models and MC services for indoor events until further notice.  


We participate in events that honor size limitations for outdoor gatherings.  

For outdoor events, Grand Artistry Productions entertainers and staff will maintain 6-ft distance from event guests and wear a face mask.

All entertainment services are available for outdoor events. 

Due to the unpredictability of wind speeds and weather forecast, we recommend that a large tent setup is pre-established --or -- alternative performance area fully shielded from inclement weather is designated to avoid possible discontinuation of entertainment services due to weather. 

Kindly note, if tent or alternate shielded area isn't pre-established by event host, security deposits or service refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather that poses a safety concern and interferes with entertainment services. 


Platform risers, props, costumes and equipment will be sanitized with alcohol periodically and in between sets to maintain clean surfaces. Hand sanitizers will be readily available for all Grand Artistry Productions entertainers and staff. Physical body contact with event guests is discontinued until further notice. 

We look forward to delivering safe services during this time. If you have any questions please contact us. Happy eventing!

Last updated 09-17-2020. Contact us directly for Grand Artistry Production's latest entertainment policies as it relates to your event type and state.